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The Grateful Dead Hour
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"Everyone complains about the radio, but very few people are doing anything about it. In New Jersey, one of the beacons of hope is" (Jay Lustig,

"Todd, I truly admire what you and your band of radio gypsies are doing. Keep it up!"
(Lenny Bloch, DJ, 101.1 WCBS-FM)

"HGRNJ has brought free form programming to listeners across the globe.  Everything from Mozart and Zappa to Ellington, the Grateful Dead, and spotlights on new and local artists. From such a democratic outlet comes a local movement of finding new artists to highlight and promote. "
(Brian Campbell, "Home Grown and the Democratization of Music" - New Jersey Voices/

Upcoming Shows & Special Events

Thursday - December 8 

Signpost To New Space

It's a busy week on Signpost To New Space this week, as DJ Easy Winds promotes a couple of upcoming concerts for you to choose from.

farm header photo

3:30pm - Joey Mutis III

First up, DJ Easy Wind interviews Joey Mutis III to discuss his upcoming Electric Farm performance.

Saturday December 10 - 8pm

The Electric Farm

The Fountain House
439 State Route 94 S
Newton, NJ 07860

4:20 - Jim Weider

Next up, DJ Easy Wind chats with Jim Weider from The Weight Band in anticipation of their upcoming performance at The Wellmont Theatre. The Weight Band performs songs of The Band and features members of The Band and various offshoots, including The Levon Helm Band, The Garth Hudson Band, and The Rick Danko Band.

Saturday, December 10 - 8pm

The Weight Band

Wellmont Theater - Montclair, NJ

Tickets & Info

HGRNJ Show of the Week

Death Valley Radio

with Ron Alden

Sundays from 7pm-9pm

Tune in on Sunday evenings as we welcome Ron Alden to our I-waves. Ron has been doing his Death Valley Radio program for 20 years and we are proud and honored that he has chosen to continue with us at HGRNJ!

First Friday In-House Concerts

Elvie and The Boys

Elvie and The Boys have been making music in the Essex County area for a little over four years. With singer/guitarist Louise Adams (Elvie) and a revolving cast of very talented “Boys”, they’ve been doing Classic Rock and Blues standards, more contemporary singer/songwriter numbers and everything in between. The personnel for the December First Friday performance will be Louise Adams on acoustic guitar/vocals, Jim O’Brien on acoustic guitar/vocals, Jack Bashwiner on bass/vocals and Tom Monaghan on drums/vocals.

The Two Ukes

"Is it possible The Two Ukes..." "The two what? What was that word? Did you say Ukes?" "Oh, excuse me your honor. The Two Ukuleles!" These "uku-ladies" have taken the northern New Jersey area by storm! Two ladies with ukuleles! Jodie and Casey make up this fabulous uke duo. Be sure to listen in for some gorgeous harmonies, exciting mash-ups, and as many My Cousin Vinny references as you'd like!

Brian Rothenbeck

Brian Rothenbeck is singer-songwriter forged in the fires of New Jersey basement punk rock, but these days has resigned himself to write heartfelt, quiet, and contemplative indie folk while still maintaining the spirit of, and the love for, the scene that created him. You can sample Brian's music here.

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