“The Paleface Parabola”
with Jumpin’ JB

Fridays from 7pm-Midnight



I’ve been constructively criticized by more than one post modern man or woman recently, so I’ll attempt to be concise, informative and way out all at once.

The new name of our offering is The Paleface Parabola, for no important notion other than pouring new wine into middle-aged skins and it’s a more telling description of our crash and burn Tour de Farce than where we were when HGRNJ started this cyber merry prank 15 years ago.

                Our heading can be heard Friday evenings commencing around 7 and game, set and match is called ‘round midnight…both times are eastern standard.

                The Parabola is a concentric circle of clips (movies, TV, cartoons, bad craziness), news (current, historical and personal), sports (baseball, tennis, hockey, lacrosse…I like sticks!), and the main frame is music, spanning the 20th century from Ellington to Southern Culture on the Skids, and current new music as we refuse to become an oldies act in our time.

                Weekly features include our opening salvo Oafus Opens Fire, the cliff notes of our week; Exiled on Jump Street, a focus on the musical pirates, The Rolling Stones; an emphasis on the post WWII Black Rock and Roll which was the template for the heroes we hold dear;  and Paleface Passed It On, our closing set by the light of the Marksboro Moonlight Mile.

                Our webcast is programmed and produced (if you call cyber plate spinning producing!) by the Oafus Max Team.  I be the ringmaster and my pack of hungry lions includes my beloved 3de, Red the Rocker, the 4-String King, Eels Magee, et al.  It’s a big pond if you’d like to splash about in the healing medicine of music and it’s magic with us.  Carpe Noctum!

The Paleface Parabola can also be heard on Free FM, Community Radio, Hamilton, New Zealand.