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HGRNJ Mission Statement

Furthering the Arts and cultural diversity through music, commentary, literature and theatre.  Providing a performance and creative outlet to independent and local talent as well as an open forum for music, commentary, literature and theatre.

When we started this project on Halloween, 2004 (or, "Mischief Night" to be exact), we had around a dozen DJs onboard, but as we went along we gathered another couple of dozen and really filled out the schedule. In this past two-and-a-half years, we've grown to over 40 different shows with over 50 DJs, each with their own tastes in music and commentary for the world. You can hear Jazz, Rock, Alternative, Classical, World...just about anything.

We've been steadily adding to the listener base and it continues to grow. As a station, we've branched out into concerts from a number of different venues, In-House mini concerts, and festivals. We're looking forward to more of the same. Hopefully the future will bring bigger concerts with bigger bands. Of course none of this would be possible without all of our listeners. As a listener-supported station, there is no one more important.

During our recent fundraisers, folks have come out of the woodwork in support of free expression through music. This demonstrates that you enjoy the freedom of hearing all the music commercial radio won't play. We think it's time to stop taking what the big radio corporations are telling us is great music, and start deciding for ourselves what we think great music sounds like. We're small, but growing and we're all about the music. In the next few years internet radio will be just another button on the dashboard and we want to be there to fill a musical need. Join us and start to fill the void left by commercial radio. 

- Todd Mills, General Manager and Founder of HomeGrownRadioNJ.