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A little background.  I  have always had a passion for music.  Most of my favourite groups have been British.  Even when I was a kid and loved music and didn’t know where the group was from, they usually ended up being British!  I never really cared where they were from - it was the sound that captured me.  I won a guitar in the 8th grade and with the help of a best friend's brother, I actually learned to play.  I wrote songs.  Another friend and I started a group, we had many names and the only one I can remember is The Orange Oranges.  Oh well, I couldn’t sing either. In college at Virginia Commonwealth University I volunteered at the radio station, then known as WJRB.  It was great. I could play all kinds of really cool music and attended many brilliant concerts!  Through the years I continued to collect albums, then CD’s. After a 6 year stint on a local radio station out of Hackettstown, NJ, I am now at HomeGrownRadioNJ bringing my mix of imports, indie and cutting edge new music, with of course “tidbits” to you!  I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix coming your way. Thanks for listening and remember “It’s all about the music!”


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