"My Music Obsession"

with JD

Wednesdays from 9pm-midnight

This is… My Music Obsession (MMO) with JD, your DJ, host and Music Junkie.

The MMO radio show is rooted at the crossroads of straight ahead Rock’n’Roll AND Alternative rock (from classic and 50s rock to New Wave, Modern, College and Indie Rock).  I’ll be compelled to sprinkle in classic jazz & fusion (Miles, Coltrane, Weather Report), some instrumental & new classical (Mark Isham, PCO, Philip Glass), in addition to contemporary pop rock songs.  I’m a sucker for clever, smart, or smart-alecky pop rock song (FOW, TMBG, Magnetic Fields) or a well-crafted story song (The Mountain Goats, Peter Gabriel).  I love the art of song-writing, recording and live music.  I am drawn to new sounds that push limits and to the virtuoso melding of talented musicians.  

 Think Vin Scelsa meets John Schaefer meets Russ Borris (you score major bonus points if you know all 3!).

I’ll have special guests – musicians spinning what turns them on.  Plus album (yes, “album”) spotlights, artist spotlights, obsession of the week … and you, the listener, may become part of the show.  I want to know what turns you on.  Why do we love music?  Why do we keep tuning in?!

JD…  March 2015  

~~~ Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Talking Heads, The Smiths, XTC, CVB, The Feelies, Luna, Pearl Jam, Cracker, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Wussy, ~~~

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