"Mozart To Motörhead"
with John Hammel

Sundays from 9pm-Midnight
Rebroadcast Thursdays from 8am-11am


The Mozart To Motörhead Show is an eclectic mix of musical forms and structures from Bach to Doom Metal. MTM is a musical universe that inhabits the inner and outer spaces of all tonal and atonal environments; circling myriad celestial bodies, and occasionally landing on Earth.

You can (re)listen to past editions of MTM here.

Here's John's old H.S. photo when he had some hair and was devilishly handsome.

Here's John striking an artistic pose for a modeling agency.

John in his "Oh, I'll just grow some horns, paint my head black and wear a cape" phase. I lost my church organist job. How was I to know that's how Satan dressed!!!???!!!

Full frontal partial nudity!

Backstage with Sammy on his bad eye side. Alas, once Sammy gazed from the front he realized I wasn't Yul Brynner and had me thrown out of his dressing room!

John today in his side job as a snake handler for a small southern Baptist congregation. Not too happy right then as Penny Python had just taken a poop down his back!!!!