"The Bar-Line Shift"

with Amanda Cadran
Wednesdays from 9pm-11pm

What do you get when you mix 25 years of love for live music, a penchant for asking questions, and a hint of on-the-road experience? Welcome to The Bar-Line Shift; it’s life’s little surprises brought to you in this weekly 2-hour show.

Each thematic journey will feature lovingly curated live and studio tracks with a focus on jambands, funk, jazz, and plenty of genre-benders. Go deeper into the scene with interviews from musicians and the people who make the industry work: Producers, crew, venue operators and others who have stories to tell. Listen from wherever you are and let us know what you want to hear and who you want to hear from; we’ll either make it happen or have quite a bit of fun trying. Connect below to share!

Twitter: @theacdj
Facebook: fb.me/BarLineShift