"Accidental Roadhouse"

with Michael Stokes

Wednesdays from Noon-3pm


Blues developed from the work songs of West African slaves in the South. During their back-breaking work in the fields, they developed a "call and response" way of singing to give rhythm to their daily labor. These "field hollers" served as a basis of all blues music that was to follow.  While "field hollers" were the seed, the evolution of the genre happened in a settlement on the Mississippi called Natchez.  Natchez became a melting pot of Native American, European, and African cultures who used music to tell stories and celebrate life.  It was this confluence of musical traditions that formed the basis for Delta Blues.  The Blues and its Jazz counterpart are the only true original American music forms.  Today, the Blues exerts powerful influence on R&B, Rock n' Roll, funk, soul, and pop.

During the Accidental Roadhouse Show, we will celebrate all forms of the Blues.  At any given time you might hear Country Blues, Delta Blues, Jump Blues, Chicago blues, Funk, Soul, Texas Blues, Blues rock, and Zydeco.  Enjoy the ride!

About your host

Michael Stokes has a very eclectic musical taste and has hosted a variety of shows including Big Band / Swing, Jazz, Blues, Country, Roots / Americana, and Pop Oldies.  He has also been the Music Director for Roots / Americana and Blues programming at a large NY/NJ area FM station over the last few years.

Mike a former Operations Manager, Engineer, Staff Director, and Adjunct Professor.  He has earned an MS degree from Polytechnic / NYU and an MBA from Wagner College.

 Accidental Roadhouse is primarily a Blues & Roots radio show, but Mike will attempt to honor all manner of requests.

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